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What's New?
Monday May 16th, 2016

Upcoming SKCSRA Tournaments

Mark your calendars to help cover tournaments being assigned from SKCSRA:

Starfire Spring Classic (6/10-6/12) for U10-U19 Premier & Select
Rainier Valley Slammers Classic at Starfire (6/24-6/26) for U10-U19 Competitive, Select
Kent Cornucopia Cup (7/8-7/10) for U10-U19 Competitive, Select, Recreational
Seattle Cup at Starfire (7/8-7/10) for U10-U19 Competitive, Select, Recreational
Starfire Sounders FC Cup (7/22-7/24) for U10-U19 Premier & Select
Eastside FC Cup at Starfire (8/5-7) for U10-U19 Competitive, Select
Starfire Xtreme Cup (8/19-8/21) for U10-U19 Rec
Starfire Labor Day Cup (9/2-9/5) for U10-U19 Premier & Select
Starfire AstroTurf Collegiate Showcase (11/25-11/27) for Girls U15-U19 Premier
PacNW Winter Classic (1/13-16) Boys U15-19, Boys and Girls U10, U13-14
PacNW Winter Classic (1/20-22) Girls U15-19, Boys & Girls U11-12

Tuesday May 17th, 2016

Two New Referee Clinics have been scheduled for Saturday 6/4 at the SeaTac Community Center and Sunday 6/5 at Starfire from 8:00 to 6:00. More

Wednesday April 13th, 2016

Referees: For the remainder of the PSPL Spring league and PSPL U-10 tournament play you're instructed to refrain from implementing the proposed rule change that would award an indirect free kick (IFK) for any deliberate header at the u-10 and under ages.

The recent USSF mandates pertaining to Heading are being adopted by the PSPL and member clubs and the related rule changes for match play will be fully implemented for Fall 2016 league play.

Member clubs are encouraged to adopt the mandates related to training limits and be prepared the rule change enforcement this fall.

Contact is Ernie Bodoh, USSF Assignor for PSPL at